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Objectives | About Marie

Janisse Therapy  Workshop

An Introduction to Integrative Physical Therapy

Continuing Education Course 2

A 7 hr. introductory course with an emphasis on correcting movement impairments.


The course participant will:

1. Become aware of the effect that repeated movements and sustained postures have on soft tissue;
2. Have a beginning understanding of:

  • The underlying neurological principles of Movement System Balancing;
  • The movement diagnoses and how they direct the treatment;
  • The evaluation and treatment protocols for movement impairments;

3. Identify contributing factors to movement impairments;
4. Become aware of subjective factors that influence the treatment outcome;
Learn mind/body techniques to reduce the stress that accompanies and influences pain and disability.

About Marie

Marie has been a licensed physical therapist since graduating from the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, Curriculum in Physical Therapy in 1969. Her treatment of musculoskeletal pain has been influenced by the work of Shirley Sahrmann, P.T., Ph.D, F.A.P.T.A., professor in the Program in Physical Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO.

Marie has used and taught several forms of alternative and complimentary healing practices since 1974. Currently, Marie is in private practice in Santa Barbara, California and can be reached at:

P. O. Box 31094
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

or by phone at 805-569-1912


Integrative Physical Therapy is a comprehensive approach to healing designed to improve treatment outcomes by viewing the body and mind as an inseparable unit. Physically, there is an emphasis on restoring precision to joint motion through the correction of movement and postural faults. Equally important is the human experience of pain and its behavioral concomitants. This course is based on the premise that factors of stress, lifestyle, attitudes and beliefs affect recovery. It provides techniques that both reduce stress and raise awareness of factors that may sabotage treatment.

From the perspective of traditional physical therapy, an evaluation of muscle recruitment patterns and bio-mechanics leads to a movement diagnosis. This directs the treatment. From the perspective of mind/body science, the treatment outcome is improved with the use of breathing and relaxation techniques that balance the autonomic nervous system. Supported by the rich philosophy of the Yoga tradition, a space is cleared to look at fear, anger, and attachments. Sensory awareness techniques facilitate motor re-learning. Importantly, your patients become active participants in their rehabilitation with an intake procedure that addresses their quality of life, values, and priorities. Integrative physical therapy considers the whole person in its goal of reducing pain and dysfunction and increasing inner peace.



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